Thursday, February 9, 2012

Combine Art and Hip Hop and you have a BoomCase

Mr. Class BoomCase, $610

Double Blue BoomCase, $825

Every second Friday in Pilsen (the lower west side of Chicago/the art district) there is an art walk in which you are able to go in and out of all the galleries, enjoying the art for free and the drinks for pretty cheap. We spent the better part of the evening hanging out at my friends gallery (here is my shout out to Black Cloud Gallery, seriously go check them out at But soon my buzz kicked in and my curiosity took over so we ventured out to see the other galleries in the neighborhood.

As we were walking the strip, I heard a DJ spinning hip hop and as all my friends walked on, I instantly stopped to find where this little piece of heaven was coming from. I found a small door that led to a staircase and I wondered up, completely excited to see what I was going to find. And what did I find? Well, just the mother load of BoomCases (see pics above, if you are confused). I fell instantly in love and I knew there was going to be nothing better than this on the art walk. As far as I was concerned, my night of art was over, nothing would compare to combining hip hop and art all in one. 

After researching the BoomCase, I knew that it was out of my budget. But they were so dope and I really wanted one (I was already scheming to figure out how to get one) and that is when my amazing boyfriend said, "I can build you one baby." I thought that he was kidding and just trying to make me feel better, as any good boyfriend would do but in the back of my mind, I knew he just wanted me to stop talking about it. Low and behold my birthday comes around about a month or so later and he gave me the best present ever; He built me my very own, one-of-a-kind, BoomCase! 

Check out my boyfriend's version of the BoomCase and p.s. thanks boo...

Wildfox White Label Spring 2012

Bright Star, $365

 Billy Cropped Sweater, $167

Gothic Cowgirl, $220

Glam, gothic, grungy and a little cowgirl-ish, I am obsessed with this collection. With Spring right around the corner, it is time to get my wardrobe in line with the season and this is a great place to start. But if these prices are a little out of your budget (although you still have some time to save before spring hits), check out for some great looks that are slightly more budget friendly.

Re-Create Beyonce's Blue Nails

Beyonce rocked these amazing blue nails, on her first night back out on the town, to show love for her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. The nail polish is Baker Street by Nails Inc. and will be available to the public March 1st. After this picture, I'm sure it will fly off the shelves, everybody wanting and waiting for this fabulous look. I love how the blue nails are really set of with the big blue ring. Great touch, B!

It is a good thing for the last 2 years I have been obsessed with blue polish. Blue, sometimes dark, sometimes neon, sometimes light, is always my go to when I am not sure what I want to do with my nails. So in honor of B's stunning nails I found a few polishes that are already on the shelves and can recreate this amazing look. 

Milani, Dude Blue

O.P.I., Dating a Royal 
Essie, Mezmerised

Apply any of these polishes, 2-3 coats (depending on how dark you want it to be), a shiny top coat, a big blue ring and you have just recreated B's amazing look. 

Sugar Rose Lip Treatment by Fresh makes my lips kiss me ready

Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh, $22.50
 "Soothes, softens, and protects while offering the look of a sexy, just-bitten pout." 

When I first bought this I actually thought I was going somewhat crazy. Why was I spending $22.50 on a "chap stick"? But after my first application, I realized that this was something that I couldn't live without. In those harsh winter months where everything on my body is dull and dried out, this lip treatment single handily kicked winter in the ass. It gave my lips that super soft feel and, the extra bonus, a fresh scent. I immediately threw out every bottle of chap stick I had and let this become my staple for all seasons.

It does have a slight pink tint that is subtle enough to wear on its own for a soft lip or light enough to wear under your favorite lipstick. I also apply it at night to let the moisture sink into my lips and keep the soft feel going from morning to night. Really, I just want to be ready for that good morning, I haven't brushed my teeth yet kiss but somehow, why the rest of me might be a mess, my lips are still soft and tasty. Seriously, if you have ever thought your lips weren't soft enough, this is the solution to all your lip problems. Apply daily and nightly (when possible) and watch your lips become naturally softer. This is truly an amazing product, a lip lovers must have.

If you are not into the tinted color (or just the pink tint) they also carry a plum and a clear lip treatment. Which ever one you choose is up to you but don't let another day go by where your lips must suffer. This lip treatment by Fresh also has a sweet citrus taste with a touch of rose, soft and sweet (even if I am not) is just how I want my lips to look, feel, and taste!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NARS gives me a Super Orgasm (Seriously)

NARS- Super Orgasm Blush, $28

Since I love all things sparkly, I fell in love with this blush from NARS. I went into Sephora to grab a couple of samples and to try out a few new beauty products and so I asked for a sample of this magnificent, luminous, peachy-pink blush. One, anything that claims to be able to reproduce the after glow of sex I have to, at least give it a try. Two, well, it sparkles and shines and I am addicted to all things that are shiny and pink.

After reading some reviews on it, I was sadly disappointed that women found it hard to wear in the day. I understand the difference between day and night make up but some things can transcend day to night (or vice versa) and if applied right, this blush falls into that category. Play with the color and the sparkle, find the right fit for your cheekbones and skin tone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Weeknd!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl introduced me to The Weeknd via his mixtape, Thursday and I was hooked from that moment on. He brings a refreshing sound and style that is well needed and currently, I am obsessed. On his newest mixtape, Echoes of Silence, he does a remake of Michael Jackson's song, Dirty Diana, which is truly hard to pull off right. Yet he does it, perfectly. The Weeknd and Drake have already collaborated on several songs and I am positive there will be plenty more high profile collaborations for him in the very near future.I thought Frank Ocean was going to fill a well needed spot in the R&B community but he just got bumped out of his position as the front runner and The Weeknd took his place. And this guy is still unsigned, I love it.

If you have been sleeping under a rock and have no idea who I am talking about, get it together and go here to download all 3 of his mixtapes, for free. Sit back, relax, and get in the zone. --->

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From me, to you...

My life would not be as fun without my boyfriend. He has given me the courage to approach impossible and sometimes, yes, ridiculous situations and he has definitely made my life much more entertaining than I could have ever done on my own. My life with him is funny, vulgar, raw, uncensored, wild, uninhibited, crazy, random...
To my boyfriend, Vodka, I love you.

My life would not be complete without my husband. He is my heart and soul, the reason I breathe. He has been the strongest influence in my life since as long as I can remember. The first time I heard a dope beat drop was the same moment I fell, head over heels, in love with him. Since he entered my life I was forever changed, constantly inspired. It is his culture, his views, his essence, his wordplay, his hustle, his everything...
To my husband, Hip Hop, I can't live without you.

My life would not be as beautiful if it were not for my muse. She is like a forever evolving piece of art and she inspires me everyday to be bold, daring, confident and sexy. She has given me the ability to want, need and desire the finer things in life. It is her classy, flirty, playful, sexy, bold approach to life...  
To my muse, Fashion, my world is beautiful because of you.