Thursday, February 9, 2012

Combine Art and Hip Hop and you have a BoomCase

Mr. Class BoomCase, $610

Double Blue BoomCase, $825

Every second Friday in Pilsen (the lower west side of Chicago/the art district) there is an art walk in which you are able to go in and out of all the galleries, enjoying the art for free and the drinks for pretty cheap. We spent the better part of the evening hanging out at my friends gallery (here is my shout out to Black Cloud Gallery, seriously go check them out at But soon my buzz kicked in and my curiosity took over so we ventured out to see the other galleries in the neighborhood.

As we were walking the strip, I heard a DJ spinning hip hop and as all my friends walked on, I instantly stopped to find where this little piece of heaven was coming from. I found a small door that led to a staircase and I wondered up, completely excited to see what I was going to find. And what did I find? Well, just the mother load of BoomCases (see pics above, if you are confused). I fell instantly in love and I knew there was going to be nothing better than this on the art walk. As far as I was concerned, my night of art was over, nothing would compare to combining hip hop and art all in one. 

After researching the BoomCase, I knew that it was out of my budget. But they were so dope and I really wanted one (I was already scheming to figure out how to get one) and that is when my amazing boyfriend said, "I can build you one baby." I thought that he was kidding and just trying to make me feel better, as any good boyfriend would do but in the back of my mind, I knew he just wanted me to stop talking about it. Low and behold my birthday comes around about a month or so later and he gave me the best present ever; He built me my very own, one-of-a-kind, BoomCase! 

Check out my boyfriend's version of the BoomCase and p.s. thanks boo...

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