Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sugar Rose Lip Treatment by Fresh makes my lips kiss me ready

Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh, $22.50
 "Soothes, softens, and protects while offering the look of a sexy, just-bitten pout." 

When I first bought this I actually thought I was going somewhat crazy. Why was I spending $22.50 on a "chap stick"? But after my first application, I realized that this was something that I couldn't live without. In those harsh winter months where everything on my body is dull and dried out, this lip treatment single handily kicked winter in the ass. It gave my lips that super soft feel and, the extra bonus, a fresh scent. I immediately threw out every bottle of chap stick I had and let this become my staple for all seasons.

It does have a slight pink tint that is subtle enough to wear on its own for a soft lip or light enough to wear under your favorite lipstick. I also apply it at night to let the moisture sink into my lips and keep the soft feel going from morning to night. Really, I just want to be ready for that good morning, I haven't brushed my teeth yet kiss but somehow, why the rest of me might be a mess, my lips are still soft and tasty. Seriously, if you have ever thought your lips weren't soft enough, this is the solution to all your lip problems. Apply daily and nightly (when possible) and watch your lips become naturally softer. This is truly an amazing product, a lip lovers must have.

If you are not into the tinted color (or just the pink tint) they also carry a plum and a clear lip treatment. Which ever one you choose is up to you but don't let another day go by where your lips must suffer. This lip treatment by Fresh also has a sweet citrus taste with a touch of rose, soft and sweet (even if I am not) is just how I want my lips to look, feel, and taste!

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